Women represent 50% of the US population. Yet, women make up less than 1/4 of the nation’s STEM workforce.

Why is this?

As early as age 6, girls start believing they aren’t smart or capable enough.

They have few positive women role models in STEM. So they can’t be what they can’t see!

Confidence and motivation—for STEM or anything—continues to wane during middle school.

Nurturing young women towards a career in STEM requires more than STEM education alone.

Play Like a Girl field trip to catherization lab at TriStar Skyline Medical Center.

How We Do It

our programs

Play Like a Girl leverages the transferable skills middle school girls gain from sport to give them a competitive edge in the classroom and, ultimately, propel them into competitive, male-dominated careers in STEM as young women.

Our programs connect girls with inspiring women role models and mentors, unveil the many pathways to a STEM career, and guide them toward leadership—ultimately, building girls’ confidence for a future in STEM.

Sports Build Confidence

and teaches girls to collaborate and compete.

STEM Education Empowers

girls with real-world experience and exposure.

Mentorship Creates Belief

that girls can be and do anything they can dream.

How You Can Help Level the Playing Field for Girls

Closing the gender gap in STEM is a team sport. Here’s how you can help level the playing field for girls (and women too!).

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