After-school program for middle school girls with opportunities to explore their love for sport and physical activity in a supportive all-girl environment.

Play Like a Girl Clubs reinforce the message that doing anything like a girl is positive and powerful, empowering girls to become confident women. Our clubs focus on:


Redefine what it means to run, kick, jump and throw like a girl with the support of a diverse network of girls and young women across the U.S. and Canada.

Healthy Behavior

Learn healthy habits and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease later in life through nutrition workshops and health-enhancing physical activity.

Lifelong Success

Connect with positive female role models for group mentoring and corporate field trips that explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in sports.

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Clubs are open to all girls in grades 6 through 8. No prior athletic experience required. Volunteer coaches lead each educational session, which is paired with a sport or other moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.


Clubs help build a foundation for enjoying sport and physical activity throughout life. As girls develop athletic skills and healthy habits, they’ll experience the benefits and excitement of taking positive risks that bolster their self-confidence and personal growth.


Clubs meet at least once a week for 2 hours after school or for 3 hours on weekends during the academic year. Girls play and get active outdoors for most club meetings. On occasion, activities take place indoors due to weather and the type of activity.


Clubs meet in schools, colleges, community centers, gyms and other locations all over the country. Join a club near you. Most sites are open to the public. Some school sites are open only to the students at that school. You can join a club at anytime during the school year.


Clubs are just $35 per student to join. This includes a t-shirt and all club materials. Join a club OR start a club in your area.

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