My Play Day Routine: Addisen

Addisen Lewis currently attends the University of North Texas. Addisen studies Speech Pathology in hopes of becoming a Speech Pathologist for the Air Force in the future. She currently works at The Kristin Farmer Autism center, where she aids children with autism to learn things such as, self-­help, behavior management, socialization and much more. She’s been working with children with disabilities for about three years and has grown such a great passion for it. Addisen has also grown a great passion for fitness and living a healthy life. Over the past few months she has been doing a lot of research over different healthy foods, and has also been doing different workout plans. Addisen is so glad to have joined Play Like A Girl at UNT because it helped her take her fitness goals even further. PLAG sat down with Addisen for this week’s #MemberMonday.

Name: Addisen Lewis


9­-5: I work part time at an Autism center, that I absolutely love, and I go to school full time studying to be a speech pathologist.

Go­-To Breakfast: My favorite go-­to breakfast would be, boiled eggs, turkey bacon, and oats with raisins. Some sometimes (on a good day) a pancake.

Favorite stress reliever: My favorite stress reliever would be working out. It takes my mind off of all of my problems and allows me to focus on something else that’s important to me – my muscles.

Guiding mantra: Just Do It

Biggest fitness struggle: Sometimes when I get a little gym happy. I spend too much time in the gym and may over do the workout.

Fave cheat meal: Favorite cheat meal would be chicken wings and fries.

Daily inspiration: Secretly, I get my daily fitness motivation from fit pages on Instagram. Seeing other people look fit or working out really puts me in the mood to want to do the same thing.

Why I Play Like A Girl: I like play like a girl because it gives me an opportunity to inform and inspire other girls who want fitness to be an important factor in their lives, just like me.