Help us deliver the early, positive experiences middle school girls need to develop a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity! 

What You'll Need

If you have an affiliation with a school, university, community center, sorority, women’s group, faith-based or nonprofit organization, you could be the perfect candidate to start a Play Like a Girl Club. You'll need the following to get started:





What You'll Do


Handle all administrative details of the club such as securing space, recruiting students, raising funds and liaising with Play Like a Girl.


Facilitate the club curriculum and engage girls in sports instruction and active play for 2 hours at least twice a week (or 3 hours total if your club meets once a week). We provide the curriculum — you provide the leadership. Click here for more information about becoming a Coach.


Administer survey instruments and questionnaires at baseline and multiple follow-up intervals, and submit the raw data to Play Like a Girl.

Apply to Start a Club

Ready to Start a Club?

It’s easy! In just five steps, you can start your own club and begin empowering girls in your community. Download the Pre-Registration Packet on how to lead a Play Like a Girl Club.

Step 1: Identify a Coach

To learn more about becoming a Coach, click here. We recommend at least one coach and two assistant coaches to every 15 girls. Prior experience preferred, but not necessary.

Step 2: Complete an Application

Click here to complete the online application.

Step 3: Pass the Background Check

We are committed to the safety and well-being of all Club members. Once you complete the application, we’ll run a background check. This can take anywhere from two days to two months, depending on your state.

Step 4: Raise Seed Money

We’ll notify you once you pass the background check and are ready to launch! You will have up to three months to raise enough seed money to cover the cost of your first 10 girls.

Step 5: Get Started

Once you’ve raised $350 for your Club, we’ll send you the Play Like a Girl Clubs Toolkit and other materials to get started. All you’ll have left to do is complete the online training and recruit participants.