In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need to empower girls and provide them with equal opportunities in all fields, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), is more critical than ever. However, barriers such as a lack of confidence, limited exposure to positive role models, and societal stereotypes hinder girls from pursuing careers in these vital areas. 

Play Like a Girl is making remarkable strides to break down these barriers.

Connecting with Girls at an Early Age

At Play Like a Girl, we recognize the importance of early intervention. By initiating fun and meaningful discussions with middle school girls through resources like our 17 Conversation Starters, we aim to spark curiosity and interest in STEM subjects. Such conversations not only encourage girls to explore new things but also challenge the prevailing stereotype that STEM is exclusively for boys.

The Confidence Gap: Starting Young

Research indicates that girls as young as six years old begin to doubt their abilities in STEM subjects. This lack of confidence is often the result of societal messages and the absence of positive female role models in the field. Addressing these issues early on is crucial, and Play Like a Girl is at the forefront of providing the necessary support and encouragement for girls to boldly pursue their STEM interests.

Leveraging Sports for a Competitive Edge

Play Like a Girl takes a unique approach by leveraging transferable skills gained through sports to give girls a competitive edge in the classroom and future careers. Participation in sports fosters collaboration, teamwork, and perseverance—qualities that are not only essential in sports but also in STEM fields. Play Like a Girl programs expose girls to inspiring women role models who intentionally guide them towards leadership roles on and off the field of play.

Sports: More Than Physical Health

Sport participation isn’t good for physical health only. Sport and active play make a significant difference in girls’ confidence and self-esteem. Girls learn to set goals, overcome challenges, and develop a profound sense of self-worth through sports. These qualities directly translate to success in the classroom and lay a solid foundation for future STEM careers.

Empowering Through STEM Education

STEM education provides real-world experiences and exposure to the diverse opportunities available in these competitive fields. Engaging girls in hands-on activities and projects enables them to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a passion for innovation. Play Like a Girl recognizes the transformative power of STEM education in empowering girls and preparing them for rewarding careers.

Mentorship: A Key to Belief

Access to positive women role models and mentors is critical for girls to believe in their own abilities. Our mentorship programs connect girls with women who have succeeded in STEM fields, offering them guidance, tangible support, and lots of inspiration. Witnessing the achievements of these role models instills the belief that girls, too, can achieve their dreams and thrive in whatever they put their minds to.

How You Can Help Level the Playing Field for Girls

Closing the gender gap in STEM requires a collective effort. Here are five ways you can contribute:

  • Support Play Like a Girl. Back programs like An Inside Look by hosting a group of girls at your company to learn about exciting careers in STEM.
  • Volunteer as a Mentor. Inspire and guide young girls in their STEM journey by volunteering as a role model or mentor.
  • Encourage Girls to Dream. Encourage the girls in your life to dream big and pursue their interests in STEM by providing them with the right resources and opportunities.
  • Advocate for Equality. Be an advocate for equal opportunities and exposure for girls in schools and communities.
  • Challenge Stereotypes. Challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity in STEM, sports and everything.

Join the Movement

Play Like a Girl is breaking down barriers and paving the way for girls to succeed in STEM. By building confidence, providing mentorship, and connecting girls with inspiring role models, we are creating a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM. 

If you want to be a part of this movement and help level the playing field for girls, join the Play Like a Girl community, become a mentor, and inspire a girl to reach for her dreams in STEM.